USA Rugby logo Rugby Virginia is a registered nonprofit tax exempt §501(c)(3) organization and §509(a)(2) public charity.
Rugby Virginia is the primary development vehicle for youth and high school rugby
within the Commonwealth of Virginia and a USA Rugby Level 3 State Based Rugby Organization (SBRO).

Rugby Virginia - Dedicated to the Development of High School and Youth Rugby in Virginia

League Abbreviations & Acronyms

Here follows a key & explanation of the various abbreviations & acronyms used in league schedules and Results & Standings tables.

Match Id

Each scheduled match is assigned a unique Match Id that is used throughout the various schedules and results & standings tables to identify a match.  In all commuications with league officials regarding matches, please always use the unique Match Id(s) to refer to a particular match or matches. 

League Stratification

  • N = North Conference
  • P = Peninsula Conference

end of season seedings may accompany the above Conference abbreviations, and are annotated using "#" followed by a numeral denoting the rank (e.g. #1)

  • D = Division (normally accompanied by a numeral denoting the Level)
  • D1, or DI - Highest competitive Division
  • D2, or DII - Lower, developmental Division

Competition across the Divisions is denoted using the "/", e.g D1/2, or D2/1
As applicable, Sub-Divisions with-in a given Level of Play/Gender, or Competition are labeled "RED" or "BLUE" to denote which teams will compete in matrix play.

Levels of Competition

 * eligibility as of 1 Sept of current registration cycle/academic year

  • HS = High School (based upon enrollment in High School, 9th-12th grade, and Under 19*)
  • V = Varsity, highest Level of Competition for a given HS Division
  • JV = lower, developmental Level of Competition for a given HS Division
  • F/S = "Freshman/Sophomore" - Level of Competition exclusively for 9th & 10th graders
  • MS = Middle School (based upon grade - encompasses those players in the 8th & 7th grade)
  • YU13 = Youth, Under 13* (based upon age - may encompass players in 7th, 6th and 5th grade and below)

Levels of Play (LoP)/Gender

  • HSB = High School Boys
  • HSG = High School Girls
  • MSB = Middle School Boys
  • MSG = Middle School Girls
  • MS-Y = Middle School and Youth (U13) (normally associated with competition for Girls NOT in High School)

Match Classification

The following are normally accompanied by a numeral denoting each game scheduled for a given event/day.

  • MATRIX = a match that counts toward league Standings
  • Friendly = a practice or developmental game/scrimmage that does not count toward standings.
  • Forfeit = team failed to show up for match or was unable to field a sufficient number of players.
  • EM = Exhibition Match (normally associated with All-Star scrimmages)
  • CG = "Cross-over" Game, either cross-conference, or cross-division
  • POG = Playoff Game
  • SG = Semi-final Game
  • NC = "North Cup" final game
  • SC = State Championship final game


  • Bracketed "[ ]" notes denote the venue/who will host the game.  An "at" sign "@" may also be used to emphasize hosting venue
  • A slash "/" is used to identify Clubs who have combined teams for competition
  • L = Loser of the annotated game (e.g. L POG-1 = Loser of Playoff Game One)
  • W = Winner of the annotated game (e.g. W POG-1 = Winner of Playoff Game One)
  • null = "null" or no information