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Match Master Schedule

Match Schedules1 for Girls & Boys U-13, U-15, & High School

The Match Master Schedule resides in a relational database and contains all matches currently scheduled1.  Each match is assigned a unique identifier - the Match Id

Matches between teams are scheduled for particular weekends prior to the start of the season.  From time to time, due to weather &/or field conditions, or for other reasons, a match may have to be rescheduled &/or re-located.  For example, a team listed as the "Home Team" (host) on the Schedule might subsequently find itself PLAYING AWAY because its home field is closed.  Please note, however; for match reporting purposes (OMRS), the "Home" & "Away" teams are always as shown on the Master Schedule - regardless of where the match was actually played! 

Updates to the Master Scheule are published as & when received.  (Please remember to reload this page from time to time to make sure your browser is displaying the latest iteration of the Master Schedule.)  For precise up-to-the-minute information on date, time, and venue of a particular match, please visit the team website or contact the coach of the home/host team.  Club/Team Listing.    Venues at:  Club Pitch Locator.

For an explanation of the acronyms & abbreviations used in the Master Schedule, the Conference/Division schedules, and the Results & Standings tables, see Legend.

The table is intially sorted by Match Id, with twenty five matches per frame.  Click on page numbers below to see more match dates.  The Table below may be sorted in Ascending or Descending order by clicking on any Column Header.  The Schedules of individual Conferences broken out by Division & Gender are available on subordinate pages.  See Menu bar above.

1Does NOT include Summer program!

Match IdMatch DateMatch TimeVenueFieldConference / LeagueDivisionDistrict / Post SeasonGenderHome TeamAway TeamRefereeACT-EMT
400Saturday, March 12, 2016 xxx HS Girls MATRIXGirlsSpringfield (West End)-1Springfield (West End)-2  
401Saturday, March 19, 201609:00:00Quander Road School, Alexandria HS Girls MATRIXGirlsFort HuntSpringfield (West End)-2PSRFR (#8561) 
402Saturday, March 19, 201613:30:00Quander Road School, Alexandria HS Girls MATRIXGirlsLoudounFairfax PolicePSRFR (#8562) 
403Saturday, March 19, 201612:15:00Quander Road School, Alexandria North MS-Youth Girls  GirlsASSEMBLYvarious  
404Saturday, March 26, 201613:00:00Crittendon MS, Newport News HS Girls MATRIXGirlsNewport NewsSpringfield (West End)-1RSV (#266) 
405Saturday, March 26, 201611:00:00West Hampton, Hampton Peninsula HS BoysD1-VMATRIXBoysHeatNorfolkRSV (#262) 
406Saturday, April 2, 201611:00:00Nokesville Comm. Park, Nokesville North HS BoysD1-VMATRIXBoysPrince WilliamNOVAPSRFR (#8590) 
407Saturday, April 2, 201612:30:00Nokesville Comm. Park, Nokesville North HS BoysD1-JV BoysPrince WilliamNOVAPSRFR (#8592) 
408Saturday, April 2, 201612:00:00Lough Field, Lovettsville North HS BoysD2-VMATRIXBoysLoudounFairfax PolicePSRFR (#8609) 
409Saturday, April 2, 201613:30:00Lough Field, Lovettsville North HS BoysD2-JV BoysLoudounGrt Falls/Langley-McLean/Ffx PolicePSRFR (#8610) 
410Saturday, April 2, 201614:00:00West Potomac HS, Alexandria North HS BoysD1-VMATRIXBoysFort HuntSpringfield (West End)PSRFR (#8624) 
411Saturday, April 2, 201615:30:00West Potomac HS, Alexandria North HS BoysD1-JV BoysFort HuntSpringfield (West End)  
412Saturday, April 2, 201616:00:00Franklin Park, Purcellville North HS BoysD2-VMATRIXBoysWestern LoudounRichmond/Hanover  
413Saturday, April 2, 201617:30:00Franklin Park, Purcellville North HS BoysD2-JV BoysWestern LoudounRichmond/Hanover  
414Saturday, April 2, 201608:30:00Kilmer MS, Vienna North Youth Boys5th/6th BoysViennaAlexandriaPSRFR (#8600) 
415Saturday, April 2, 201610:30:00Kilmer MS, Vienna North MS Boys7th/8thMATRIXBoysViennaAlexandria  
416Saturday, April 2, 201616:10:00Franconia District Park, Springfield North MS Boys7th/8thMATRIXBoysSpringfieldLoudounPSRFR (#8369) 
417Saturday, April 2, 201617:10:00Franconia District Park, Springfield North MS Boys7th/8thMATRIXBoysFairfax Police/Great FallsRichmond/Hanover/Prince William  
418Saturday, April 2, 201618:10:00Franconia District Park, Springfield North Youth Boys5th/6th BoysFairfx Police/Grt Falls/SpringfieldRichmond/Hanover/Prince William  
419Saturday, April 2, 201618:50:00Franconia District Park, Springfield North Youth Boys5th/6th BoysLoudounRichmond/Hanover/Prince William  
420Saturday, April 2, 201619:30:00Franconia District Park, Springfield North Youth Boys5th/6th BoysFairfx Police/Grt Falls/SpringfieldLoudoun  
421Saturday, April 2, 201616:00:00Crittendon MS, Newport News HS Girls MATRIXGirlsNewport NewsLoudounRSV (#280) 
422Saturday, April 2, 201618:00:00West Springfield HS, Springfield North MS-Youth Girls  GirlsASSEMBLYvarious  
423Saturday, April 2, 201620:30:00West Springfield HS, Springfield HS Girls MATRIXGirlsSpringfield (West End)-2Fairfax PolicePSRFR (#8364) 
424Saturday, April 2, 201619:00:00West Springfield HS, Springfield HS Girls MATRIXGirlsPrince William/Richmond/HanoverFort HuntPSRFR (#8623)